PROMPt, tlačiareň cenín, a.s. (Printing House of Securities), was founded 1.12.1990. The founding members and the first shareholders were Všeobecná úverová banka, a.s. a Slovenská kartografia, a.s. We were created as the first prining company in Slovakia specialised in security printing, certified by Státní banka Československá (State Bank of Czechoslovakia) in 1991. After the establishment of the independent Slovak Republic in 1993, The Ministry of Finance extended our certification for security printing.

Over the years we have aligned our offer with market demands and changes in legislation. In 1994 we started production of the first alcohol and tobacco stamps under the auspices of the Ministry of Finance. In 2003 we obtained permission from Slovenská pošta OZ VAKÚP (Slovak postal authority) for printing and completion of postal fiscal documentation.

In 2004 we obtained permission from Colné riaditeľstvo (the Customs Directorate - customs and excise authority) to print a new type of alcohol and tobacco stamps. Our key objective is to satisfy demands of our growing customer base and offer services with high degree of security and protection of customer interests including protection against counterfeiting and misuse.

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