Security in PROMPt is delivered through a combination of 24-7 on-site security staff as well as CCTV monitoring of all areas. Internal security system ensures security of information through a regime of secure zones and restricted access. Security system within the production process ensures all security standards are maintained and monitored through the internal CCTV. Electronic security measures are further enhanced by mechanical features such as bars on all windows and doors. The monitoring and document control system ensures accurate control of all materials from the point of order until delivery and includes a process for proper destruction of samples and faulty products. This process is governed by a designated steering group which oversees the actual document destruction and issues a final destruction certificate.

Security of confidential client information received in the process of delivering the order is ensured through the series of security processes contained within ISO/IEC 27001:2005. Additional to the ISO certification, PROMPt holds industrial security certification for confidential information issued by Národný bezpečnostný úrad (National security office).

As a result of the complex security system, PROMPt, tlačiareň cenín, a.s. (Printing House of Securities) guarantees maximum protection during preparation, production and storage of products against leaks and misuse of:

  • materials and tools used in production
  • faulty, damaged or surplus products
  • completed order
Desired type of printed matter:
Additional requirements:
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