Security ink is an important component of the security printing process. We use accredited security ink for production of all security documents.

Ultraviolet (UV) ink

Ultraviolet (UV) ink contains fluorescent substances and is used to print text or motifs. This type of ink is visible under normal light and fluoresces under UV light in a different colour. Alternatively, it is invisible under normal light and fluoresces under UV light.

Infrared (IR) ink

Infrared (IR) ink reacts in the infrared light spectrum so that it becomes transparent or infrawhite.

Thermo chromic ink

Thermo chromic ink reacts to changes in temperature. It is visible in certain temperature and becomes invisible when the temperature changes.

Iridescent ink

Iridescent ink contains transparent pigments which cause interference with the incident light. This creates shiny, pearl-like shimmering effects with changes in colour when the angle of view or illumination changes.

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